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MI State of Birth Justice

The MI State of Birth Justice is a community coalition working to build urban-rural partnerships to increase access to midwifery care across the state of Michigan. Our purpose is to educate, inform, and engage our communities statewide in realizing Birth Justice.


Our Mission

The mission of The MI State of Birth Justice is to educate, inform, and engage our communities statewide in realizing Birth Justice.

We have introduced the Michigan Momnibus Package and the Birth Center Bill!!!

Urgent Call to Action

Are we maximizing the power and potential of midwives to improve health in Michigan?


We are urging legislators, advocates, and policymakers towards the advancement of midwifery care by supporting the recently introduced Birth Center Bill (House Bill 5636), and the Michigan Momnibus Bill Package (SBs 818-827). We have a critical opportunity to drive meaningful change. Your assistance is vital to ensure our collective voices resonate and bring about the passing of these bills.



Together, we can urge our Michigan legislators to support:

- Equitably reimbursing all credentialed midwives in all settings, including birth centers and home births

- Licensing birth centers

- Updating doula Medicaid policy to include birth center and home birth services



1. Find your Senate and House Representatives

2. Copy and paste our sample email and fill in the blanks

3. Send the email to your representative

4. Share our CALL TO ACTION with family, friends, and anyone who cares about perinatal health disparities and equity.


Your voice matters! 

The Need

Birth Justice advocates across the state, especially those serving families in urban and rural areas, are working to address structural inequities and improve perinatal health in Michigan. Licensing birth centers and reimbursing midwifery care across birth settings are two important strategies. There are many barriers limiting the reach of this crucial work. Together, we can decrease these barriers.

The Center for American Progress 

  • Michigan is the only state in the country whose benchmark plan explicitly excludes birth center coverage. Also, Michigan is explicitly excluded in home birth coverage as well.

Currently, over 30% of counties in Michigan do not have access to maternity care.


Together, we can make birth centers and maternal care more accessible to improve Birth Equity across the state of Michigan. 

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State of Birth Justice Event 2024

Birth Detroit, Mothering Justice, Michigan Chamber for Reproductive Justice, and the State of Birth Justice collaborated to host an annual community event in April 2024.

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