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Our Goals

  • Promote equitable, ethical, competent, and evidence-based midwifery care that is centered around human rights in all birth settings in Michigan.

  • Increase the number of birth centers in Michigan. 

  • Promote sustainable perinatal health and fair pay for midwives of all credentials in all settings. 

  • Increase access to midwifery care for all birthing people who want it.

  • Lobby Michigan legislative officials for equitable Medicaid reimbursement for midwifery care in all settings.  

  • Advocate for improved protection of pregnant persons from high risk of violence.

  • Address measurement and response of the civil and human rights of people in the perinatal period. 

  • Promote transfer guidance with regard to transfers from levels of care and between specialists. Integration supports equity.


Our Partners

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Birth Detroit embraces a community organizing approach to birth center development, rooted in deep equity and meaningful partnerships. Join us in working together to create a model birth center in Detroit, and join us in transforming the spirit of care.

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Safe & respectful care for your out-of-hospital birth experience.

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Elephant Circle brings an intersectional, feminist, reproductive justice, design thinking approach to birth justice. This approach will help manifest solutions every step of the way that do not re-inscribe status-quo power dynamics - making true transformation possible.


Friends of Michigan Midwives provides education for the public and support and promotion of midwifery throughout Michigan.

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The Michigan Chamber for Reproductive Justice is the first comprehensive Reproductive Justice Organization in Michigan. They use the power of  collective voices to advocate for the human right to self-determination in birth equity and reproductive and sexual wellness for all people, centering on those in the African Diaspora. 

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The way we get to a society that reflects the values and needs of mothers of color is by centering the experiences of the most affected individuals as the catalyst for change. BIPOC mothers’ experiences have to be at the center of policy, organizing and communication.


Two Hearted Midwifery and the Traverse City Birth Center welcomes ALL families regardless of where you come from, who you love, or what you believe.

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